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Yvonne in the News

- A Selection-

Protect our Town’s future


  • Short-term rentals are illegal


  • A business accelerator in Collingwood is great for our Town


  • Calling out a proposal to lend money to local businesses as beyond the Town’s legal authority


  • Calling for rules for infill development

Safer streets initiatives

Housing for those who work in Collingwood

Various development issues


Advocating for day care

Advocating for diversity and equity

Imagine Collingwood – how to be the greenest community in Canada

More family doctors for Collingwood

Hamlin makes presentation at UN Summit in Collingwood

Seeking updates on financial impacts from pandemic measures

A gift of $500,000 worth of trees to the Town


Decorum and integrity at the Council table


Starbucks on First Street …continues to be a problem

Promoting efficiency and effectiveness across the region

Ensuring transparency in procurement process doesn’t involve politicians


Heritage district

  • Common sense needs to apply when there are no rules

  • Need to watch our Heritage properties like the Annex carefully

The Downtown Business Improvement Area comprised of volunteers from local businesses should engage with Council and the community before embarking on major changes to the street by building an arch over Hurontario.

Difficult decision to impose a moratorium on development, but few alternative choices available.

The Terminals

If a redevelopment is to occur, stabilization will be required before a proponent gets to the building stage.

Support for redevelopment of our hospital.


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